Link to Video on how to Tell Real Navajo Rugs from the Fake Ones

Watch Jeff's first v on Youtube on how to identify real Navajo rugs!

Circa 1870 Bayetta Child’s Blanket

Description: Circa 1870 Navajo Bayetta Child's Blanket Measurements: 49"X 30" Condition: Excellent Contact us for price or more pics.

Palette Knife Painting Big Sur Carmel Area by Jeff Voracek BEW #1111

Description: Painting in the Big Sur/Carmel area done with a palette knife BEW #1111

Navajo Ganado Rug with Houses BEW#1110

Description: Navajo rug with a houses design Measurements 70" X 40" BEW #1110 Inv#2496XY Call or email for price and/or more pics.

Northwest California Lidded Basket BEW #1109

Description: A large Northwest California Native American Lidded basket Measurements: Height (not including lid) = 9": Heigh with lid is 11": Diameter is 8" Price: Contact us for price and/or more pictures