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Merle Haggard Leona Williams 000-45 Martin #390882 Guitar BEW 889

Merle Haggard Leona Williams Guitar  - This guitar was purchased by Merle in 1977 appears on two Merle Haggard album covers. Used by Merle and his wife Leona In their 1983 divorce, the guitar went to Leona. It was then acquired by Tex Whitson, Merle's manager in 1986. Danny Brucker acquired the guitar from Tex [...]

Genuine Paul Dougherty Oil on Canvas Painting “The Moonlit Cliffs”, Bew#900

Size with Frame: 39" x 42". Without Frame: 36 1/2" x 34". An eye-catching piece by American impressionism artist, Paul Dougherty (1877-1947), who is well-known for depicting marine coasts and sea scenes. In very good condition!  Bew#900, cc49   Inv#30002cc   PRICE: $12,500.00

Genuine Paul Dougherty Untitled Beach Scene Oil on Canvas Painting, Bew#899

Size with Frame: 43" x 33 1/2". Without Frame: 36" x 25 3/4". This is a beautiful piece by American impressionism painter, Paul Dougherty (1877-1947), who is well-known for his work of marine coasts and seascapes.  In very good condition! Bew#899, cc49   Inv#15003cc   PRICE: $7500.00

Native American Red Mesa Teec Nos Pos Rug Circa 1910-1920 Bew#897

Size: 48" x 103".  Circa 1910-1920. Description & Condition: A great looking Red Mesa Teec Nos Pos rug featuring a design of serrated triangles, feathers, and diamond border. In good condition--great weave work; some color fade.  Bew#897   Inv#4503PC   Price: $2500.00

Native American Navajo Two Grey Hills Large Rug Circa 1940’s Bew#896

Size: 72" x 128". Circa 1940's. Description & Condition: A beautifully made Navajo Two Grey Hills rug featuring an eye-catching design of hourglass and triangular shapes, staggering steps, and zigzag/serrated edges. In very good condition--has lazy lines; great weave work with little wear/tear.  Bew#896   Inv#15159xy  Price: $10,000.00

Native American Navajo J. B. Moore Plate Rug Circa 1900-1910 Bew#893

Size: approximately 53" x 84". Circa 1900-1910.  Description & Condition:  A great looking Navajo rug with an interesting stair-step/arrows design surrounding a focal-point hourglass. Has lazy lines. In really good to excellent condition!  Bew#893  Inv#?   Price: $2800.00

Native American Navajo J.B. Moore Crystal Rug Circa 1910-1920 Bew#892

Size: approximately 53" x 74".  Circa 1910-1920.  Description & Condition:  A great looking Navajo rug featuring multiple patterns of whirling logs, X's, and other geometric shapes/border lines that surround the diamond shape in middle. In excellent condition~ very little wear!  Bew#892   Inv#8073xy   Price:$4500.00

Native American Navajo Large Rug Circa 1920’s to 1930’s Bew#887

Size: approx. 10' 8" x 5'2".  Circa 1920's to 1930's. Description & Condition: A beautifully woven rug with meandering lines/staggering steps forming 2 diamonds in the middle. Some edge wear but in good condition!  Bew#887  Inv#9073x   Price: $4500.00

Native American Navajo Diamonds Rug Circa 1930’s Bew#886

Size: approximately 44" x 75".  Circa 1930's.  Description & Condition:  A great looking rug with diamond shapes and a serrated diamond center. Has some edge wear, otherwise in good condition!   Bew#886   Inv#?   Price: $750.00

Native American Navajo Double Saddle Blanket Circa 1880-1890 Bew#885

Size: approximately 55" x 34". Circa 1880's to 1890's. Description & Condition: A beautiful, well-woven double saddle blanket~ a great collectible item! In good condition-has 1 sided orange bleed; needs work--some edge unraveling and hole on one side of blanket.  Bew#885    Inv#H500x   Price: $1000.00

Native American Navajo J B Moore Storm Pattern Rug Circa 1915 Bew#884

Size: 84" x 49". Circa 1915. Description & Condition: A great looking rug with meandering lines, whirling logs, and diamond border. In good condition~some edge wear, but weave work solid!  Bew#884  Inv#2421xy   Price: $2450.00

Native American Pacific Northwest Coast Wood Totem Circa Late 19th Century Bew#883

Dimensions: approx. 21" x 4" x 4".  Circa last 3rd of the 19th century. Description & Condition: A unique looking wooden carved totem pole depicting an eagle, frog, and a reptile--a great showpiece! In good ethnographic condition~some wood wear, discoloration but a solid piece!  Bew#883   Inv#3012x   Price: $2400.00