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Native American Northwest Coast Mask Circa Late 19th-Early 20th Century Bew#877

Dimensions: approx. 8" x 12" x 8 3/4". Circa late 19th to early 20th century. A great looking wood mask from the Pacific Northwest Coast. Was from Sotheby's auction. In good ethnographic condition--some wear on nose area and sides.  Bew#877  Inv#5401x   Price: $3500.00

19th Century Hupa Area Elk Antler Dentalium Purse BEW 879

19th Century Hupa Area Elk Antler Dentalium Purse Code #1501-2401X  BEW 879 $1500.00      

Native American Navajo Large Transitional Chief’s Rug Circa 1910 Bew#875

Size: 104 1/2" x 64".  Circa 1910.  Description & Condition: A great looking Navajo large rug with band patterns that draw your eyes towards the blue cross in the middle.  In good condition--has lazy lines; slight blue color fade on one side, but solid weave work!  Bew#875  Inv#4110x  Price: $6800.00

Native American Pueblo/Zia Dance Kilt Circa 1900-1940 Bew#871

Size: approximately 59" x 29"(including metal fringes).  Circa 1900 to 1940. Description & Condition: This is a unique Pueblo, possibly Zia-made kilt used for dance ceremonies. Features 2 snakes in the foreground. In good antique condition~has holes, color fading, and staining throughout.  Bew#871  Inv#7501xy  Price: $3400.00

Rare World Record Size Maidu Basket Circa 19th Century Bew#870

Size: 17" tall x 33" wide. Small basket (measures 2 1/2" x 1 1/2") on top of display case provided for size comparison of basket. Circa 19th century. Description & Condition: This is considered the largest Native American Maidu basket on record. From the Bernal Adobe collection.  In good condition with wear to the base [...]

Native American Yokut Gambling Tray Circa 1900 Bew#869

Size: 18 1/4" wide x 2" tall. U.S. dollar bill provided for size comparison of tray. .  Circa 1900.  Description & Condition:  A great showpiece with a simple circular pattern of bands and alternating rectangular shapes. In very good condition!  Bew#869  Inv#?(DSB)  Price: $1400.00

Very Rare Native American Pit River/Wintu Area Large Basket Bew#868

Size: approx. 16" wide x 8" tall. U.S. dollar bill provided for size comparison of basket.   Circa 19th century.  Description & Condition: A well woven basket with a great looking wave pattern. In good condition--some wear on rim. This is very rare because it has a Makah or much further North type start.  The [...]

Native American Navajo Fancy Saddle Blanket circa 1880’s Bew#862

Size: 32" x 29"(with fringes). Circa 1880's. Description & Condition: A beautifully made saddle blanket. Aniline dyed unraveled red, Aniline dyed homespun red, orange and green . 3 ply light Blue, Small strip of Bayetta red,  Homespun Indigo blue and white.   In very good condition!  Bew#862  Inv#4186xy Price: $3200.00

Native American Navajo Large Rug Circa Early 1900’s Bew#860

Size: approximately 97" x 47".  Circa early 1900's.  Description & Condition: A great looking rug with interesting pattern forming into an  X.  In very good condition~weave work in excellent form, may need some cleaning.  Bew#860  Inv#2104x  Price: $2200.00

Native American Yokut Small Lidded Basket Circa 1920’s Bew#853

Size: 6" (at the widest part) x 4" tall (with lid). Photo(s) with U.S. dollar bill provided for size comparison of item; dollar bill measures approximately 6".  Circa 1920's.  Description & Condition: A great looking lidded basket with diamond pattern inside and outside; polychrome accent within diamond pattern. Very good condition!   Bew#853  Inv#2400xy   [...]

Native American Yokut Gambling Tray Circa 1930’s Bew#852

Size: 21" wide x 2" tall; photo(s) with U.S. dollar bill provided for size comparison of item.   Circa 1930's.  Description & Condition: A great looking tray with a spiraling design; great weave work! In very good condition--no unraveling, loose fibers.  Bew#852  Inv#8100xy   Price: $4500.00

Native American Navajo Pictorial Rug Circa 2011 Bew#850

Size: 36" x 41"   Circa 2011   Description & Condition: An eyecatching pictorial rug with a scene of a busy store selling Native American items. In very good condition--weave work excellent; very little wear/unraveling.  Bew#850  Inv#1875x   Price: $1100.00