Rugs $600.00 and Under

/Rugs $600.00 and Under

Navajo woven rug circa 1970’s Bew#745

Navajo woven rug Rug Size: 35" x 28" Circa: 1970's Description & Condition: A finely woven rug with many lines and details. Red, gray, black colors. Has velcro lining in back. In good condition. Number: Bew#745   Inv#?   Price: $200

Navajo weavers seat rug circa 1970’s Bew#744

Navajo weavers seat rug Size: 32" x 28" Circa: 1970's Description & Condition: A well woven cream-colored rug with shaggy fringes. In very good condition. Number: Bew#744   Inv#?   Price: $350

Navajo Woven Small Rug Bew#734

Navajo Woven Small Rug Rug size: 18" x 36" Circa: 1970's-1980's Description & Condition: Well woven small rug. Lavendar, light pink, brown colors with interesting square patterns. Very good condition. Number: Bew#734   Inv#?   Price: $100

Navajo Germantown Sampler circa 1900’s Bew#731

Navajo Germantown Sampler Rug size: 23" x 26" not including fringes Circa: 1900 Description/Condition:  A well woven rug sampler. Simple red and black pattern. Fair condition, some wear on fringes. Number: Bew#731   Inv#601xy   Price:$350

Navajo Germantown rug circa 1900 Bew#702

Navajo Germantown rug circa 1900-1920. This rug is in really good condition with solid, vibrant color and triangle patterns. Measures approximately 20 1/2" wide and 20" long. Please contact us for condition report or additional info. Price: $175 Bew#702