Rugs $600.00 and Under

/Rugs $600.00 and Under

Fancy Miniature Navajo Germantown Rug Circa 1900 Bew#302

Here is a fancy miniature Navajo germantown rug. It is circa 1900. With really neat design elements to it and good color. It measures 11 1/4" long x 7" wide. Please contact us for a condition report. Price: $225 Inv#181xy Bew#302

Native American Indian Navajo Germantown Rug Bew#8

Native American Indian Navajo Germantown rug. This piece has nice design to it. It is in good condition with some wear from age and use. It does have some fringe damage. It measures 40 1/2" tall x 20" wide. INV#322XX BEW#8 Price: $550

Navajo Germantown Sampler Pictorial Chickens Bew#24

  Native American Indian, Navajo Germantown pictorial sampler. This piece has neat design elements with chickens on it. It has a good color pallet to it. It measures approximately 1' 9" x 1' 10" Condition is good. It has some wear to it with some light fading to one side. Light edge damage. Inv#1703GTN Bew#24