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Native American Red Mesa Teec Nos Pos Rug Circa 1910-1920 Bew#897

Size: 48" x 103".  Circa 1910-1920. Description & Condition: A great looking Red Mesa Teec Nos Pos rug featuring a design of serrated triangles, feathers, and diamond border. In good condition--great weave work; some color fade.  Bew#897   Inv#4503PC   Price: $2500.00

Native American Navajo Two Grey Hills Large Rug Circa 1940’s Bew#896

Size: 72" x 128". Circa 1940's. Description & Condition: A beautifully made Navajo Two Grey Hills rug featuring an eye-catching design of hourglass and triangular shapes, staggering steps, and zigzag/serrated edges. In very good condition--has lazy lines; great weave work with little wear/tear.  Bew#896   Inv#15159xy  Price: $10,000.00

Native American Navajo J. B. Moore Plate Rug Circa 1900-1910 Bew#893

Size: approximately 53" x 84". Circa 1900-1910.  Description & Condition:  A great looking Navajo rug with an interesting stair-step/arrows design surrounding a focal-point hourglass. Has lazy lines. In really good to excellent condition!  Bew#893  Inv#?   Price: $2800.00

Native American Navajo J.B. Moore Crystal Rug Circa 1910-1920 Bew#892

Size: approximately 53" x 74".  Circa 1910-1920.  Description & Condition:  A great looking Navajo rug featuring multiple patterns of whirling logs, X's, and other geometric shapes/border lines that surround the diamond shape in middle. In excellent condition~ very little wear!  Bew#892   Inv#8073xy   Price:$4500.00

Native American Navajo Large Rug Circa 1920’s to 1930’s Bew#887

Size: approx. 10' 8" x 5'2".  Circa 1920's to 1930's. Description & Condition: A beautifully woven rug with meandering lines/staggering steps forming 2 diamonds in the middle. Some edge wear but in good condition!  Bew#887  Inv#9073x   Price: $4500.00