Navajo Rugs, Blankets and Saddles

/Navajo Rugs, Blankets and Saddles

Native American Navajo J B Moore Storm Pattern Rug Circa 1915 Bew#884

Size: 84" x 49". Circa 1915. Description & Condition: A great looking rug with meandering lines, whirling logs, and diamond border. In good condition~some edge wear, but weave work solid!  Bew#884  Inv#2421xy   Price: $2450.00

Native American Navajo Large Transitional Chief’s Rug Circa 1910 Bew#875

Size: 104 1/2" x 64".  Circa 1910.  Description & Condition: A great looking Navajo large rug with band patterns that draw your eyes towards the blue cross in the middle.  In good condition--has lazy lines; slight blue color fade on one side, but solid weave work!  Bew#875  Inv#4110x  Price: $6800.00

Native American Navajo Fancy Saddle Blanket circa 1880’s Bew#862

Size: 32" x 29"(with fringes). Circa 1880's. Description & Condition: A beautifully made saddle blanket. Aniline dyed unraveled red, Aniline dyed homespun red, orange and green . 3 ply light Blue, Small strip of Bayetta red,  Homespun Indigo blue and white.   In very good condition!  Bew#862  Inv#4186xy Price: $3200.00

Native American Navajo Baby/Saddle Blanket circa 1865 Bew#861

Size: approx. 29" x 24". Circa 1865. Description & Condition: A great looking blanket filled with diamond shapes. Indigo and white homespun 2 types  of red natural dyed bayetta. Peach colored bayetta In very good condition--solid weave work with very little wear.  Bew#861  Price: $14,000.00

Native American Navajo Large Rug Circa Early 1900’s Bew#860

Size: approximately 97" x 47".  Circa early 1900's.  Description & Condition: A great looking rug with interesting pattern forming into an  X.  In very good condition~weave work in excellent form, may need some cleaning.  Bew#860  Inv#2104x  Price: $2200.00