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/Navajo Rugs, Blankets and Saddles

Native American Navajo Large Rug Circa Early 1900’s Bew#860

Size: approximately 97" x 47".  Circa early 1900's.  Description & Condition: A great looking rug with interesting pattern forming into an  X.  In very good condition~weave work in excellent form, may need some cleaning.  Bew#860  Inv#2104x  Price: $2200.00

Native American Navajo Transitional 1890 Pound Blanket Bew#859

  Size: approximately 113" x 66"  Description & Condition: A great looking, 1890 Pound Blanket, Eye Dazzler in excellent, original condition.  A show piece that will fill a room with color. Bew#859   Inv#8173BDX   Price: $6,500.00      

Native American Navajo Pictorial Rug Circa 2011 Bew#850

Size: 36" x 41"   Circa 2011   Description & Condition: An eyecatching pictorial rug with a scene of a busy store selling Native American items. In very good condition--weave work excellent; very little wear/unraveling.  Bew#850  Inv#1875x   Price: $1100.00

Native American Navajo Late Wedge Weave Rug Circa 1930-1960 Bew#849

Size: approximately 44" x 59" Circa 1930-1960 Description & Condition: Rug has chevron-like pattern; soft texture. In good condition--has loose fibers. Bew#849(RT) Price: $2700.00

Native American Navajo Large Rug Circa 1920’s Bew#847

Size: 52" x 146".  Circa 1920's.  Description & Condition: Very large rug with interesting geometric pattern and layout. Very good condition!  Bew#847  Inv#6696xy  Price: $6800.00