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Navajo Woven Small Rug Bew#734

Navajo Woven Small Rug Rug size: 18" x 36" Circa: 1970's-1980's Description & Condition: Well woven small rug. Lavendar, light pink, brown colors with interesting square patterns. Very good condition. Number: Bew#734   Inv#?   Price: $100

Navajo Twill Sampler Rug circa 1970’s Bew#733

Navajo Twill Sampler Rug Rug size: 12" x 24" Circa: 1970's Description & Condition: A well woven rug sampler. Neat diagonal lines and interesting diamond pattern. Good condition. Number: Bew#733  Inv#?   Price: $175

Navajo Storm sampler rug circa 1970’s Bew#732

Navajo Storm Sampler Rug Rug Size: 21" x 15" Circa: 1970's Description & Condition: A well woven sampler rug. Interesting black, gray, red pattern. Very good condition. Number: Bew#732   Inv#?   Price: $150