Size: 71″ X 67″ Description & Condition: Navajo circa 1925. This rug is similar to a Sandpainting rug on page 163 of the book, “Navajo Weavings With Ceremonial Themes” The Sandpaining on which the rug in the book is based on is known as the Whirling Logs. That rug was made during the Sixth day of the Nightway.  As with the rug in this listing, the rug in the book features “Talking God”(in white) which is across from “Calling God”(in black).There is also a Sandpainting rug by Hosteen claw on pages 126 and 127 in the same book that is from the same 6th day of the Nightway chant.

This rug is in excellent or close to new condition.