Excellent Warrior Twins Monster Slayer Twins Hero Twins Navajo Rug – BEW #001

Excellent Navajo Indian Rug Weaving For sale

Background Information: According to Navajo (Dine) mythology,  Changing Woman and The Sun had the Warrior Twins (also called Hero Twins and Monster Slayer twins) born at Spider Woman Rock.  The Sun (their father) gave them weapons of lightning bolts to fight the monsters after the great flood. The monsters were turned to stone by the Warrior Twins  in preparation for the Navajo’s (Dine) people, four clans to live safe in between the sacred peaks. The Navajo (Dine)  made Chief’s blankets for trade with many plains tribes. Chief’s blankets were wider  than long and were primarily white, brown, and blue stripes with red. The Navajo made serapes that didn’t have brown and were longer than wide for trades with the Pueblos, Mexicans, or anyone who could afford them.  This blanket has stylized rain and cloud corners and it’s wider than long with no brown and a double, stylized square center with three white stripes on each side. The Hero Twins were born with three white blankets each. Again, this is according to Navajo mythology.

Description: This is not a Chief’s blanket as it is lacking brown stripes. It is not a serape (red, white, blue). It is a very rare pictorial with corn and warrior twins, rain clouds Navajo blanket made for Navajo. Based on fineness of weave, design, and materials this may be one of the earliest pictorial weavings.

Measurements and other specifications:

71” wide and 59” tall

Warp – 14 to 17 inch

White homespun 80 per inch; Blue ( Indigo Homespun)  is 72 per inch

Cochineal/Dyed Raveled laid in pairs 65 per inch (130 per inch)

This one is not for sale