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Navajo Storm Pattern Weavings

Navajo Storm Pattern weaving history

If you’re looking for a Navajo rug with a great design that tells a story, then a Navajo Storm pattern weaving  may fit the bill! Though the exact origin of these weavings  is unknown, the Navajo Storm Pattern appears to have become popular when JB Moore, the trader at the Crystal Trading post published this design in two catalogs, one in 1903 and one in 1911. Some believe that the Storm Pattern was designed by JB Moore and others think that weavers on the reservation started this design and that JB Moore further developed and marketed it, thus making it the popular style of Navajo Weavings it still is today. `

In addition to the exact origin of the Storm Pattern weaving, there is also debate on the meaning of the rug and the story it tells. Though whatever the story, it is commonly thought that the stories were developed by those that have sold and collected storm patterns over the years and not the actual weavers.  The characteristics of a storm pattern Navajo weaving consist of a design in the center which connects to four rectangular shapes, one in each of the four corners of the weaving. One of the beliefs is that the Navajo storm pattern depicts a Navajo Hogan (dwelling) in the middle and the four corners represent the sacred mountains. The four lines going from the center to the four corners are believed to connect the Hogan to the mountains and carry blessings for the Navajo people.Another theory is that the storm pattern design depicts the navajo mythological story of how life came from the lake of emergence from the underworld, with the center symbolizing the lake and the four lines connecting the lake to the sacred mountains. Some storm patterns also include the waterbug which is a significant figure in Navajo mythology as well as whirling logs, which symbolize good luck to the Navajo people. So, no matter how you look at it, the Storm Pattern weavings are just bursting with interesting stories and symbolism!

The other quality that makes Storm Pattern Navajo Weavings so desirable is that they come in a wide variety of colors from vibrant to more subdued. Traditionally storm pattern rugs were woven in natural wool colors such as black, white, and gray and red.   Over the years there have been several variations of these colors creating numerous possibilities of beautiful weavings for collecting or to fit any decor!

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Contemporary Navajo Rug: 57″ X35 1/2″: C. 1980s: BEW 369: Just Listed

Navajo Storm Pattern: 57" X35 1/2": C. 1980s: BEW 369

 This 1980s Native American weaving is a great find with strong reds and blacks!

Size (measurement are approximate): 57″ X 35 1/2″

Date: Circa 1980s

Price: Call for Price

Item Number: BEW 369

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