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Maidu Basket Tray Circa early 20th Century Bew#811

  Maidu Basket tray circa early 20th Century. Measures 18" across. Please contact us for price and a condition report. Inv#3752xx   Bew#811

Orick California Basket Elephant Design Circa 1927 Bew#1006

California Basket from Orick California. Circa 1927 with elephants. It measures 5 1/2" tall x 10 1/2" wide. Please contact us for a condition report. In the collection of Jeff Voracek Inv#3601xy Bew#1006

Chemehuevi Polychrome Basket Olla Circa Early 20th century Bew#1005

Chemehuevi basketry olla with a polychrome design. It has butterflies on it and flowers. This is a beautiful little olla. It measures 4 1/2" tall x 5 1/4" wide. Circa early 20th century. Please email for a condition report. Inv#5998xy Bew#1005

Hupa Area Pictorial Basket Bee Circa 1930’s Bew#1000

Hupa area pictorial basket with bee's. Circa 1930's. It measures 6" tall x 10" wide. Please email for a condition report. Inv#4501xx Price: $3800 Bew#1000

Giant 19th Century Mission Pictorial Basket With Castle and Church Bew#813

Giant Mission basket from the 19th Century. Reminiscent of a coin basket. Pictorial features have letters and what appears to be a castle and church. Condition is very good~has some missing rim stitches. Measures 12" tall and 22 1/4" across. Inv#15002XY   Bew#813 Price: $8500

Navajo Single Saddle Blanket Bew#23

 Navajo single saddle blanket. In good condition Measures approximately 36 1/4" wide x 25" tall Bew#23 Price: $650

Mayo Blanket Circa Early 20th Century Bew#817

  Here is a beautiful mayo Blanket. This piece is circa early 20th century. It has a beautiful design to it with a great color pallet. This piece has a nice diamond center. It is in good condition. It measures approximately 68" long x 49" wide INV#1048MYO  Bew#817

Mexican Saltillo with Flags in Center Diamond Circa 1910 Bew#818

  Here is a really beautiful Mexican Saltillo / Blanket. This piece has a nice center diamond with Mexican Flags in the center. This Saltillo has great color and pattern to it. It measures approximately 38 1/4" wide  x 77 1/4" long (Not including the fringe). Condition on this piece is good. It does have [...]

Apache Basket Circa 1915 with Collection History Bew#819

Here is a beautiful Native American Indian, Apache Basket. This basket was collected in 1915. It has a collection history paper from the family with it. It has really great color and design elements to it. It is in very good condition. It measures approximately 14 3/8" across. Price: $2,750.00 INV#2251CHE   Bew#819

1870’s Pueblo Unravelled blanket with Indigo Edge Bew#22

  1870's Pueblo unraveled blanket with indigo edge. It is in very good condition with a small stain in the center. It measures approximately 44 1/4" wide x 32" tall. Price: $3,200.00 Bew#22

Navajo Rug Circa 1900-30’s Bew#822

  1900-30's Navajo Rug with Blue. In excellent condition. It measures approximately 57" long x 34" wide. Has a nice look and handle to it. Inv#?   Bew#822 Price: $2,200.00

Hopi Boy’s or Child’s Plaid Blanket Bew#823

  Hopi Boys/Childs plaid blanket. Circa 1890's. It's in really good condition. Approximately 45 1/4" long x 31 3/4" wide. Price - $3,200.00 INV#8998XXT   Bew#823