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Apache Basket Circa 1915 with Collection History Bew#819

Here is a beautiful Native American Indian, Apache Basket. This basket was collected in 1915. It has a collection history paper from the family with it. It has really great color and design elements to it. It is in very good condition. It measures approximately 14 3/8" across. Price: $2,750.00 INV#2251CHE   Bew#819

1870’s Pueblo Unravelled blanket with Indigo Edge Bew#22

  1870's Pueblo unraveled blanket with indigo edge. It is in very good condition with a small stain in the center. It measures approximately 44 1/4" wide x 32" tall. Price: $3,200.00 Bew#22

Navajo Rug Circa 1900-30’s Bew#822

  1900-30's Navajo Rug with Blue. In excellent condition. It measures approximately 57" long x 34" wide. Has a nice look and handle to it. Inv#?   Bew#822 Price: $2,200.00

Hopi Boy’s or Child’s Plaid Blanket Bew#823

  Hopi Boys/Childs plaid blanket. Circa 1890's. It's in really good condition. Approximately 45 1/4" long x 31 3/4" wide. Price - $3,200.00 INV#8998XXT   Bew#823

18th to Early 19th Century Oil On Board Painting Bew#824

Oil On Board Painting Please email for price and condition report. Inv#?    Bew#824

California Coastline Oil On Canvas Bew#825

California Coastline Oil On Canvas Please email for price and condition report. Inv#?   Bew#825

Chemehuevi basket Circa mid 19th century Bew#799

  Here is a neat Native American, Chemehuevi basket. It is circa Mid 19th Century. It measures approximately 8 1/2" tall x 9 1/2" wide. It does have some missing stitches in the field and is in vintage condition. Overall a nice basket however.

Chemehuevi basket with Snakes and Lizards Circa 1900-20’s Bew#798

  Here is a nice Native American Chemehuevi basket. It is a neat basket with rattle snake tails, lizards and butterflies. It has a really good design to it. The weave is nice and it is in overall good condition. It does have split going down one of the lizards body. It measures approximately 14 [...]

Hupa Area Basketry Woven Bottle C. 1900’s 20’s Bew#797

  Native American Hupa Area Basketry woven bottle. Circa 1900's 20's. It is in great condition with a super nice weave and design with figures and animals. It measures approximately 8 3/4" tall This is a gorgeous piece!

Hupa Area Working Hat Circa 1900’s Bew#775

  Circa 1900's Native American Hupa Area Hat. In good condition. A working hat from either the Hupa, Karuk or Yurok tribe. It measures approximately 6 1/2" wide. Inv#1145XY

Lake County Twined Pomo Basket Bew#770

Lake County Twined Pomo Basket Dimensions are approximately 7" rim to rim x 6" tall.