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Native American Yokut Gambling Tray Circa 1900 Bew#869

Size: 18 1/4″ wide x 2″ tall. U.S. dollar bill provided for size comparison of tray. .  Circa 1900.  Description & Condition:  A great showpiece with a simple circular pattern of bands and alternating rectangular shapes. In very good condition!  Bew#869  Inv#?(DSB)  Price: $1400.00

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Navajo Germantown Wool and Cotton Hopi sash Bew#750

Navajo Germantown Wool and Cotton Size: 92″ x 12″ Circa: 1890-1910 Description & Condition:  Nicely woven sash with green/red/black/blue patterns and tightly woven braid fringes. Minor stains, but in very good condition Number:  Bew#750   Inv#902x    Price: $750

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Hopi Indigo Twill Weave Rug Bew#746

Hopi indigo twill weave rug Size: 33″ x 40″ Circa: pre-1900 Description & Condition:  A twill weave rug with indigo border on 2 sides. Good to very good condition. Number: Bew#746   Inv#3301x   Price: $2500

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The Emperor’s Holiday painting Bew#714

Title: The Emperor’s Holiday. Approx. 70″ x 18 1/2″ with frame. This is a 3-panel watercolor painting by Harry Waters Armstrong. Circa 1920’s. Similar to Arthur Matthews. In good condition–needs minor restoration on the sky in 3rd panel. This painting has beautiful details and vibrant colors on the people and animals. Please contact us for […]

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Hupa Area Elkhorn Spoon Bew#703

This is a Hupa Area Elkhorn spoon circa 19th century. It measures approximately 6 1/2″. In good condition–has one hole and some wear. Please contact us for condition report and additional info. Price: $1600 Inv#3004x Bew#703

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