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Circa 1925 Sandpainting Rug BEW 1101

Size: 71″ X 67″ Description & Condition: Navajo circa 1925. This rug is similar to a Sandpainting rug on page 163 of the book, “Navajo Weavings With Ceremonial Themes” The Sandpaining on which the rug in the book is based on is known as the Whirling Logs. That rug was made during the Sixth day of […]

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Navajo 1920s Sandpainting Rug BEW 1100

Size: 107″ X 79″ Description & Condition: Navajo 1920s Sandpainting rug. As referenced in the book, “Navajo Weavings With Ceremonial Themes – A Historical Overview of a Secular Art Form” (page 123), this Sandpaining was most likely based on a chant in a Mountainway performance near Gallup, New Mexico in the early 1880s.  An account […]

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Navajo wool woven blanket circa 1910 Bew#747

Navajo wool woven blanket Size: 60″ x 45″ Circa: 1910 Description & Condition: Well woven fuzzy wool blanket. It has a lovely orange/red/green design. Some warp damage. Otherwise in good condition. Number: Bew#747   Inv#1576x    Price: $1300

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