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Navajo 1920s Sandpainting Rug BEW 1100

Size: 107″ X 79″ Description & Condition: Navajo 1920s Sandpainting rug. As referenced in the book, “Navajo Weavings With Ceremonial Themes – A Historical Overview of a Secular Art Form” (page 123), this Sandpaining was most likely based on a chant in a Mountainway performance near Gallup, New Mexico in the early 1880s.  An account […]

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Navajo wool woven blanket circa 1910 Bew#747

Navajo wool woven blanket Size: 60″ x 45″ Circa: 1910 Description & Condition: Well woven fuzzy wool blanket. It has a lovely orange/red/green design. Some warp damage. Otherwise in good condition. Number: Bew#747   Inv#1576x    Price: $1300

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