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Circa 1910 to 1915 JB Moore Navajo Rug BEW #26

Description: Here is a JB Moore Navajo/Native American Rug. For it’s age it’s between good and excellent condition. It could use some selvage repair but is overall clean and looks great. It has beautiful variegated natural whites as well as the dyed brown color used by JB Moore. Measurements: 82″ X 55″ Price: $2,200 BEW […]

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Circa 1920s Navajo Humpback Yei Rug BEW #25

Description: Here is a great Navajo Humback Yei Rug. The pictures on the rug include a rabbit, moth, horny toad and eagle. As well as the letters T, E N. This rug is in good condition, but the sides are a bit disproportionate and are not perfectly square. Measurements: 37″ X 24″ Price: $3,500.00 BEW […]

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