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How to properly hang a Navajo rug

Once you have purchased your beautiful Navajo rug, of course you will want to show it off! Follow the guidelines below to hang your weaving in a way that will minimize the chances of it getting damaged. 

  1. The rugs/blankets are built on a really strong warp (frame) string. Multiple push pins along the top of multiple warps will safely carry the weight of the weaving. Heavier rugs or pound blankets should have many supporting pins. 
  2. A Velcro strip properly hand-sewn to the rug supporting multiple warps is also okay as long as it is hand-sewn. Never machine sew as the thread tension from the machine can tear the rugs.

**** Important: Please read the note below before you proceed to hang a Navajo rug

Important Note: Never use carpet tack strip. If you view the hung edge under a microscope after the rug/blanket is taken down, you will see it has started to cut the wool.  You will also see damage that the razor blade edges on the carpet strip will to rugs/blankets and you will never want to do it again.