Framed and Signed Frank Ordaz Canyon Scenic Painting C. 2016 Bew#844

Gold frame measures approx. 55 1/2" x 36 1/2" x 2" Painting measures approx. 48 1/2" x 29 1/2" Bew#844 Price: $6500.00

Framed and Signed Frank Ordaz Scenic Grand Canyon Painting C. 2016 Bew#843

Measurements: Gold frame--55 1/2" x 36 1/2" x 2 1/4" Painting--48 1/2" x 29 1/2" Bew#843 Price: $6500.00  

Navajo Germantown Wool and Cotton Hopi sash Bew#750

Navajo Germantown Wool and Cotton Size: 92" x 12" Circa: 1890-1910 Description & Condition:  Nicely woven sash with green/red/black/blue patterns and tightly woven braid fringes. Minor stains, but in very good condition Number:  Bew#750   Inv#902x    Price: $750

Navajo Poncho Saddle Blanket circa 1910 Bew#748

Navajo saddle blanket Size: 30" x 28" Circa: 1910 Description & Condition: A well woven poncho saddle blanket with diamond pattern and red/orange/brown row pattern. Very good condition. Number: Bew#748   Inv#1194x    Price: $600

Navajo wool woven blanket circa 1910 Bew#747

Navajo wool woven blanket Size: 60" x 45" Circa: 1910 Description & Condition: Well woven fuzzy wool blanket. It has a lovely orange/red/green design. Some warp damage. Otherwise in good condition. Number: Bew#747   Inv#1576x    Price: $1300