Navajo Child Blanket: 51″ X 33″: C. 1880: BEW 365

Original price was: $9,500.00.Current price is: $8,550.00.


Great Native American Child’s Blanket! This beautiful Navajo Weaving is made with at least 7 unraveled bayeta colors and 1 three ply red that appears darker. Bayeta typically only comes in red as the other colors are easy to get without the effort to unravel trade cloth. Almost all of the wool on this weaving is unraveled trade cloth of different colors. So, this weaving is highly unusual and very rare. This is one of the rarest examples we have seen in a lifetime of collecting that has so many unraveled colors other than red.

Size (measurement are approximate): 51″ X 33″

Date: Circa 1875-1885

Price: $9,500 $8,550

Item Number: BEW 365

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