Navajo Classic Serape: 72″ X 51″: C. 1865: BEW 233 OUT ON APPROVAL


A beautiful rare classic Navajo serape with vibrant colors. The darker red color is pure lac dyed bayeta. Other colors include homespun white and blue as well as a lighter red, which is a cochineal lac mixed bayeta. Made of fine diameter, worsted wool. The interior of the blanket is 100 percent original, no stains no flaws, etc. The two sides have original Fred Harvey historic selvedge. This is one of the best weavings that we have ever had on our website!

If you are not lucky enough to already own a Classic Serape, there are very few of these that will come around in a lifetime!

Size: 72″ X 51″

Date: Circa 1865s


Item Number: BEW #233

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