Navajo Second Phase Chief’s Blanket: 76″ X 55″: C. 1870s: BEW 263: JUST BACK FROM CLEANING!



This 1870 to 1875 Navajo Second Phase Chief’s Pattern blanket is just back from cleaning and looks great! It has one original tie, so that when the Plains Indians used it, they installed strings that attached to several warps for strength so that they could have the blanket on horseback and be hands-free, without holding onto the blanket. The last time I saw one of these was on the Dull Knife Chief’s blanket. It’s finely woven in red bayetta (cochineal dye), flannel (aniline dye), red commercial plied yarn aniline dye, finely woven natural brown and white Indigo homespun yarns. 99.9% original except for a tiny place where they’ve redone the selvage on one side. It was collected early and there isn’t much ethnographic wear. The blanket is in almost new condition. It has been cleaned as when I got it the stripes were almost gray. Although it hasn’t been overly cleaned, and the stripes are certainly their original creamy white. This blanket is published and has been on exhibition in a museum.

Please note that the main picture of this listing was taken indoors, but take a look at the outdoor picture as well, which shows the actual colors more accurately.


Size: 76″ X 55″

Date: Circa 1870s

Price: $78,500.00

Item Number: BEW 263

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